Lotus TV is broadcasted free-to-air (no monthly fee) on Satellite Asiasat4, although viewers will need suitable equipments installed (once-off) to gain access to Lotus TV for free.

Once-off standard installation includes 75cm satellite dish, receiver (set-top-box), and labour cost. All equipments will have 12 months warranty and 6 months workmanship guarantee.

The current competitive standard installation cost of $350 will be offered until 30/06/2012. Lotus TV will only select and co-operate with authorised installers and technicians with the required experience, professional insurances, and are reputable. These installers and technicians have previously worked or are now sub-contractors for large Pay TV companies such as Foxtel, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Please note Lotus TV is exclusive to Lotus Entertainment Group across Australia and New Zealand. All unauthorised installations by unauthorised installers and technicians will not guarantee access to Lotus TV channel, competitive installation fee, and non-warranty on all equipments. Lotus Entertainment Group is not responsible for all warranty service calls and customer service on unauthorised installations not to standards to access Lotus TV channel.

For further information on installations please contact Lotus TV on telephone 0433 769 088 or (03) 9429 3758, or contact our authorised installers and technicians (throughout Australia and New Zealand) via list on sub-menu Agents.